Small Business Marketing Ideas

A brilliant idea of good PR is a marketing technique called Authority Media Marketing. This kind of exposure helps you stand out from your competitors, and it’s the most accessible form of public relations and marketing to get the third party national media endorsements.

Authority Articles

We’re a journalist contributor to Small Business Trendsetters Magazine. We help business owners by featuring them and their business in the magazine by focusing on a featured interview about one aspect of my customer’s business that may include quotes and testimonials. We submit the article for syndication and when it gets picked up by the national media – it’s instant credibility for our client.
An article like this positions them as an authority and expert in their marketplace because they are featured in several, if not hundreds, of syndicated markets for ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, etc. There’s nothing like the exposure and credibility you get from third party media endorsements.

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Press Releases

Press releases are making a comeback as a useful marketing tool. Not only for exposure, but for valuable backlinks as well. Business owners should send out a press release for making newsworthy announcements such as events, appearances, website changes, personnel changes, community involvement and the list can go on.

Media Marketing

The next small business marketing steps are merely natural progressions from the feature articles. These can be the most fun too! What’s next after you’ve got a few feature articles in magazines and syndication? A podcast of course! A podcast is a recorded interview that can be uploaded to your site for various topics. Podcasts have become very popular again, and people love listening while they work or drive.

How about writing a book? Even if you combine various topics and categories of your numerous blog posts, you can quickly make them into an e-book that can be uploaded onto Amazon Kindle. You’ll be surprised just how enjoyable media marketing can be – you’ll discover many hidden talents about yourself that you didn’t even know existed before.

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